A community of creative residents

The key to a successful society and community is through creativity, art, music and education. Without this, a community does not attract people who want to live, work and play there.

The Garage will provide a unique, Bohemian styled place to stroll through live/work art galleries, dine in boutique cafes and immerse yourself in the art of fashion design, food & beverage, music, pottery, painting, graphic design and more. The Garage is an exciting live, work, play community where art, music, dance, theater, innovative tech, fashion, food and drink are celebrated as a part of the unique ethos of the community. The Garage will also provide affordable housing for “creative residents” and students of the Institute, in addition to creative co-working spaces.


Opportunity Zones help transform communities

Opportunity Zones are designed to help transform underserved or under-achieving areas into thriving communities by encouraging development through tax incentives. The issue is, many times the development just pushes the residents some where else because the area doesn’t include a plan for them, including housing, jobs, etc.

Creative Residency is a place for collaboration

Creative Residents are people who are actively working in the creative arts industry including music, painting, graphic design, culinary, dance, theater, photography, illustration, fashion, film and writing. It provides affordable housing including single and shared units averaging 225 sq. ft.

Creative Ecosystem is the epicenter of the community

A creative focused and affordable community in which to live and collaborate with spaces to design, practice and showcase creativity. A one-of-kind place where visitors will come to experience the arts, entertainment, food, beverages and the vibe of the community.

The Garage will provide a community cultural center

Music and the arts ignite all areas of child development by helping the mind and body work together. Improved school readiness, intellect, social-emotional learning, motor, language, and literacy are just some of the benefits. Resident artists will provide workshops in music, dance, art, theater, graphic design and more focused primarily on kids and adults from disadvantaged families, sparking creativity, hope and joy, leaving a legacy for the future.