The award-winning global architecture and design firm is crafting a unique and individual narrative concept for Emmitt Smith’s Las Vegas destination

LAS VEGAS, (April 2, 2022) — Emmitt’s Las Vegas – set to open later this year – has named Rockwell Group as its interior designer. The interdisciplinary architecture and design firm will oversee all aspects relating to architectural and interior design including creating custom furniture and lighting fixtures.

The restaurant from former NFL star and entrepreneur Emmitt Smith will have seating for up to 360 between the 2-story main restaurant, bar/lounge, test kitchen, Player’s Lounge, and additional private dining areas. Smith’s latest project has seasoned Executive Chef Rainer Schwarz at the helm and will be a top tier destination for elegant dining, dynamic live concerts, exclusive tastings, and other elite events. Appropriately located at Fashion Show Las Vegas on the Strip, which attracts more than 42 million visitors annually, Emmitt’s placement near some of the highest traffic locations in the city will only elevate the already high-profile area.

“I understand the value of having great teammates to support me to be the best in all my pursuits,” said Emmitt Smith. “Our partners at Rockwell Group understand my vision and are able to make it a reality that will drive the business into a world-class destination for tourists and residents alike.”

Overlooking the Las Vegas Strip, Emmitt’s will offer a high-end, fine dining experience inspired by a classic American grill and a second level that will host “The Deck,” which can accommodate watch parties, live concerts, and other events. This second level will also house “The Player’s Lounge,” a VIP space to watch sports and events during the day with the ability to convert into a lounge at night. Oversized elements and sleek, luxurious materials will add a sense of Las Vegas glamour.

Upon arrival, guests will pass through a slatted iron gate flanked by atmospheric sconces, and then proceed through a chic indoor-outdoor passageway lined with lush trees. A grand entry will feature 360-degree vaulted, double-height walnut and leather walls inspired by the shape of whiskey barrels. Integrated glass cases will showcase a selection of private blended whiskeys, among an offering of additional premier spirits. In the Player’s Lounge there will be large, enclosed liquor displays featuring the latest technology to showcase ultra-high-end liquors, and exclusive wine from VIP’s private collection. NFT and Digital wine-based art collectibles will also be showcased as holograms, constantly rotating throughout the night.

The cantilevered check-in desk and large spiral marble staircase lets one know that something extraordinary awaits both at street level and the one above. A giant chandelier soars overhead, visible from both levels. As patrons make their way into the Bar, they are met by a stunning, curved wood suspended ceiling, washed with embedded LED lights. Comprising thousands of feet of bent wood as light ribbon, it continues into the Dining Room beyond. The main Dining Room, which is divided from the Bar by a curved banquette, is executed in a sumptuous palette drawn from the colors of whiskey and cognac with glowing accents in copper mesh.

On the upper level, an upscale Player’s Lounge will be the ultimate VIP area, with flexible configurations for different types of events. The focal point is a dramatically lit bar, tucked behind an architectural portal=. Ebonized wood and gently glowing wainscoting wrap the space in an ethereal warmth. The ceiling features the fluid geometry of a grip of hexagons that curve down to meet caged lighting fixtures. Finally, two convertible exclusive VIP rooms will be available for private events.

Also on the upper level, The Deck is a flexible outdoor area that can be used for al fresco dining and cocktail parties as well as live concerts. A green room gives performers a place to hang out before going on stage.

The venue’s distinctive location and design offers exclusive sponsor and branding opportunities for like-minded brands that fit the Emmitt Smith esthetic. From high-traffic sightlines, multiple LED screens that captivate foot traffic to the two stages within the venue, Emmitt’s Las Vegas brings a unique take for marketers and advertisers alike.